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About the Pharmacometric Resources Category (1)
DDMoRe Model repository : The challenge is open - who wants to win? (1)
Model repository challenge: sponsorship open until June 30th (1)
What's Your Emax? (1)
ISoP Global Survey: "How do you share?" (9)
ACoP7 Pre-conference Survey: “The Challenging Course of Pediatric Drug Development: What is the Role of Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacometrics in Bringing New Medicines to this Special Population?” (9)
Good Practices in Model-Informed Drug Discovery and Development: Practice, Application, and Documentation (White Paper) (1)
Digital Curation of Pharmacometric Resources (1)
Methods and strategies for assessing uncontrolled drug–drug interactions in population pharmacokinetic analyses: results from the International Society of Pharmacometrics (ISOP) Working Group (1)
Hosting Pharmacometric Related Applications: The ISOP Shiny Server (1)
Nmusers listserv (1)
PAGK (Population Approach Group Korea) (1)
PAGE (Population Approach Group Europe) (1)
PKUK (Pharmacokinetics UK) (1)
PAGANZ (Population Approach Group of Australia and New Zealand) (1)
Pharmpk (PK/PD Resources) (1)