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Site Feedback

FAQ FAQ is a list of common questions users may have about the site Feature Wishlist Use this category to specify new feature requests for the discussion forum.
What is Markdown and How Do I Use it in this Forum? [FAQ] (1)
Can We Upload files as Part of Our Discussions? [FAQ] (3)
Is there a mobile app for this forum? [Site Feedback] (2)
What Topics Can We Discuss? [FAQ] (1)
Alpha Tester Feedback ( 2 ) [Site Feedback] (30)
I want to be notified whenver a new topic appears in a certain category. Can I do that? [FAQ] (1)
Do I Need to Create Yet Another Log in to Use This Forum? [FAQ] (1)
Can we link to Videos or Webpages? [FAQ] (1)
Why Do We Need Another Discussion Forum. We Have Great Forums Like NMUSERS and pharmpk? [FAQ] (1)
Ability to control what categories one can view on first entry into the site [Feature Wishlist] (2)
I do not want to certain categories. How would I "mute" them so they do not appear in my latest list? [FAQ] (1)
Can We Create Polls? [FAQ] (1)
How is the Site Moderated? Will Spam Be an Issue? [FAQ] (1)
What are the Browser Requirements? [FAQ] (1)
Can We Create Wikis? [FAQ] (1)
ISOP is an International Society. Does Support Anything Other Than English? [FAQ] (1)
Does Support Equations and Code? [FAQ] (1)
Do I Need to Be a Member of ISOP to Use [FAQ] (1)
Ability to Search or link to NMUSERs PHARMPK and Other Exisitng Forums [Feature Wishlist] (1)
Calendars for ISoP (and general PMx) Events [Feature Wishlist] (1)
Discussion Guidelines [FAQ] (2)
About the Site Feedback category [Site Feedback] (1)