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Alpha Tester Feedback



Thanks Masayo for testing!

Good feedback. I will look into the hidden thing.

I wanted to test this feature, but some feedback from non-native English speakers so far has been that the multiple language format may not be that useful.

What are your thoughts? should we just stick with English for this forum?



Hmm… I personaly like this multiple language option (actually it works well), and it may stimulate discussion in each resion, but on the other hand, most of all discussions are better to be in English to share the contnets with all users.


I just took care of the hidden post - the issue was both the post and test reply were coming from the same IP address, so it flagged it as potential spam. In the future if you see something like that happen the course of action is to wait (or email if absolutely necessary) a moderator to unhide it. This shouldn’t be too much of an issue as it is basically looking for real quick posting + ‘replies’ from the same IP address that a nefarious user can try to use to artificially boost their topics


@Jack_Cook I’ll give my two cents on the NMUSERS, I would highly encourage us not going the route of trying to hook in discussion here directly to NMUSERS, else there is ‘no’ incentive for people to actually come here, and posts on NMUSERS have stricter requirements (eg what if someone posts a reply here with image/attachment etc) that can easily get lost in translation.

Likewise, I think it is good to incentivize moving people to a ‘modern’ platform such as this. I don’t have a silver bullet recommendation, but one option is to reply to nmusers posts very literally with something like:

‘hi I posted your question onto the isop discussion board so I could reply there, here is a link to the conversation, I’d be happy to continue to discuss there’

This would hopefully make people aware and push movement for discussion onto this board instead.

As to actually getting old NMUSERS posts here, here are some thoughts:

I have been playing around with writing some web scraping scripts to pull down all the NMusers posts and could potentially try to in-line them into an archive, that would allow people to at least upvote and comment here if they want to resuscitate a topic, however it is non trivial to also weed out all the extra spam of recruiters etc posting job opportunities, out-of-date info, etc.

I personally actually think a better intermediate solution is to have a better way of viewing the NMusers archive externally (making a light webapp that provides some indexing,searchability, etc), with some capacity for a person to actually ‘import’ a specific discussion in here if they want to continue. This way we minimize old, out-of-date, and spammy threads, but can continue on or reference relevant discussions more easily.


What might be nice is that if you could get everyone to switch all at once. Offering to “take over” NMUSERS could be one way.

Short of that … the question where (what system) should I reply. I think it would boil down to if I am asking for help, I may want to widest possible community. If I am just replying, maybe I am not as picky about who sees it (thought it would be nice if an answer got back to the original poster. Of course this board has many advantages for use.

I like the idea of searching the old.


Very nice! Congratulations on a great initiative and awesome result.

Login, speed and browsing went well. I answered the questionnaire above.

The content has big chances to be very interesting and this to a large amount of people. For them to come regularly, I think ease of use and organization are key. Ease of use is there in my opinion, it looks good and rather intuitive (perhaps I was not sure first if I should “reply” or else to post this). Organization is there too, but are all guards set-up for it to be kept that way? The categories are well thought through, but sometimes not obvious to choose from (is shiny an education or a tool topic?), maybe several could be possible for a single topic. I checked the search function, which is fast, not key-sensitive and works with several words, perhaps it could also autocomplete? I was confused by the home page at first, expecting to first have to navigate somewhere to see the posts, maybe it is intentional to decrease the number of clicks? It would be a must-go-to page if having all the information the community is interested in available clearly, not only as the form of posts, can a calendar, a link to important conference registration page, a link to main scientific journals, etc be added?

Again, great work. Please keep us posted.

Best regards,


Site registration and log in was quick and easy, and navigation speed is very good. Overall, looks very professional, up to date, and well thought through.
I noticed that I was not logged out automatically when i closed the browser (desirable when using my personal computer, but perhaps not while using a public computer). It may be better to have the log out button separately in the site header (instead of under the profile header) to folks are reminded to log out .


Thank you for checking and clarification.


Things have gone a bit quiet. Do we have enough Alpha feedback to proceed into a public beta or final release?


@justinwilkins the holiday season drowned us out, but the action will commence again this week. I accumulated student email lists both from ACoP and PAGE that I will use to invite this week. I am working on an introductory message that I will send out to the students and would love some feedback! I will post it here soon.