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About the ISOP Pharmacometrics Study Group

  • Do you have lab-meetings and learning tutorials in-house in your academic group, company or your neighborhood?
  • Do you know that not all institutes have the same critical mass of pharmacometric experts as yours?
  • Pharmacometrics Study Groups is a platform to share your learning experiences with peers all around the world. Turn those in-house lab meetings to global knowledge and skill sharing opportunities!

How it Works: All events will be broadcast live via “Google Hangouts” and detailed notes will be uploaded to the ISOP github site.

Discussion and Questions During the Meeting: You can ask questions by using the Reply Button below here in the Discuss Forum. The presenter will check back to the page during and at the end of the presentation to address questions.

Duration: Generally the study groups are of about 20-40 minute duration. if you need longer, consider having two study group sessions!

Where to Sign up or Suggest an Event Topic: https://isop-phmx.github.io/studyGroup/