Alpha Tester Feedback

Alpha Testers

Can I ask the following of you

  1. Log into the site. ( I am interested in how well your log in it worked, or did not for you so we can get some feedback before rolling out to a larger audience)
  2. I am interested in performance outside East coast US. Was it slow? Freeze? Etc?
  3. I am interested in how you think the categories should be arranged. Potential Organization/Categories to include?
  4. The site will also support 17 different languages, and downstream translation. For non-native English speakers, could you try adding a topic in your native language (under Regional Discussions), and provide feedback as to how well lit worked?
  5. For those with special skills, can I ask that you each start a thread in an area that is of interest to you. For example, Christian, is are a LaTex person, can you ask a question, Sebastian IRT, etc, etc
  6. Anything you think we should (or should not include)?
  7. Your interest in being a moderator on the site
  8. As opposed to sending emails, can I ask that you reply to the post under feedback for alpha testers, so we can keep track of the input.

Your location

  • North America
  • Asia (Japan, korea, China )
  • Australia
  • United States
  • Europe

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How did you log in (You can put in more than one)?

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Github
  • Yahoo
  • Created new login at site

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Asia and Australia Testers, how was the speed?

  • Acceptable
  • Could be faster
  • Still waiting to get in
  • NA (not in that region)

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European testers, how was the speed?

  • Acceptable
  • Could be faster
  • Still waiting to get in
  • NA (not in that region)

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Americas Testers, how was the speed?

  • Acceptable
  • Could be faster
  • Still waiting to get in
  • NA (not in that region)

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On a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being most useful) do you think this forum could be useful to our community if we could get a crtical mass of users?

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5

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For feedback on the other questions (topics, Categories, non-english language support, etc), please use the reply button

Thanks for helping to get us started,

I like the idea a lot! I’d love to have NMUsers, Boomer PK, and other mailing lists archived here to hopefully centralize them a bit and make searching easier.

While the regional discussion board is useful, splitting it up by specific regional groups may be more effective. For example, I’d like to subscribe to see all ISoP New England events, but I doubt that I’ll be able to make a quick trip to a European group.

Something that I like about the ISoP New England site ( is that it also has a calendar of events which I have linked to my phone calendar making sure I never miss an ISoP event (or abstract deadline).



Hi Bill

Thanks for your reply.
Prospectively, adding in our community listservs seems quite possible. I just may not be savvy enough to do it myself (see below)…you on the other hand…Wanna be an administrator?

I bet we could also add in the emails that get sent out from the NE users email account so they show up here.

Hi Bill -

there are lot of options that we will get them working one at a time. I will start a thread for a wish list so please post all requirements there with appropriate tags.

@vijay, that is a good idea.
@bdenney, with respect to the New England Chapter ISOP google calendar at, It seems possible that we could alos add a feed to that. As @vijay mentions, we will get a list of things toghether.
PS, @viajy and @bdenney, let me know if you are getting emails sent toyou when you posts are replied to.

Much thanks

@isoplinks - I receive emails too, which is great! And in fact if you are in Google Chrome, you set it to receive notifications just like an IM. It can get noisy, but for now, I enabled it.

I also created a new category called WishList and put down some rules for posting items that are being requested. I will initiate some later to get things rolling.

I got the email replies. I’ll also will put some of the wishlist thoughts into that thread as separate messages.




This is great! One small specific thing I’ve come across is on the Shiny Tutorial page which has been set up as a Wiki to edit… but I don’t have permission to save the changes (I just wanted to change some small bio things and upload some material). I guess this is a good thing so changes can be moderated but who and how will this be managed?

Thanks, Jess

Hi everyone,

Signing up to the site (via Google) and access overall from rural Switzerland has been fast and smooth, no issues. I like the way it’s organized, but moderators will definitely be needed to take care of unwanted advertising, inappropriate content and suchlike.

I wasn’t able to find any clear rules for the forum - even if they’re brief, I think we need them formalized (e.g. no offensive language or abusive behaviour, guidelines to prevent hijacking by spammers, posting of copyrighted material, etc.). Not having these from the beginning will make it very difficult to police when the community gets bigger. [EDIT: I found them at! But I suggest we put a clear link to them somewhere. Also, there are a lot of informative pages linked to from the guidelines page, but they seem to be unfinished; “Terms of Service” include a lot of references to "“company_short_name” and “company_domain”.]

I really like the idea of archiving NMusers and PharmPK (and other lists like PsN-General) here, so that their content can be searched.

If I think of anything else, I’ll post it here, but it looks great so far!


I am not able to upload attachments. Is this normal behaviour? (The message is “Sorry, new users can not upload attachments.”)

@justinwilkins and @ Jessica_Woj.

Individuals start with with trust level 0, and build up to higher levels with more posts and replies. This is in place so that it minimizes individuals abilty to spam the site. Site is working as expected to limit new folks who have not been invited directly by an admin or moderator to limit their ability to mess with things

Given I know where both of you live :smiley: I have bumped you both up to moderators and trust level 4 (Leaders), so you can edit and add attachements now.

Thanks! I promise not to break anything on purpose

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I had no issues with login. I most certainly like the simplistic nature of viewing and navigating the site.

Some wishlist topics that might be of interest (my apologies if they are already present/discussed before):

i. Suggest having a navigation link/bar (or one-level up icon) either on top or on the side, so as to make the audience aware where he/she is w.r.t. the home page and for ease of jumping between sections/pages/threads.

ii. A section for posting/hosting software scripts and codes by Topics and/or Software will greatly aid the community. I’d envision this similar forums like StackOverflow wherein; a person can post a question and provide snippet of code and dataset. The reviewer can then easily duplicate the error and provide efficient and constructive feedback/improvement to question. There could be ‘likes’ if the solution worked.

iii. Perhaps having section for centralized RSS feed to PMx journals with built-in search feature.

iv. A permalink of archived ACoP (and perhaps other scientific meeting) posters/slide decks, abstracts, etc. for ease of viewing and for citation.

v. A Career Board/ Job-posting section.

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The login works well, speed is good and the user interface is really nice (I think it’s a great decision to use an open source solution and it would be probably be a good decision to do this for all ISOP tools).

I was a bit confused by the categorization, first of all what is the color code based on? Also wouldn’t it be more interesting to have the first page be equivalent to the “Category” view? This way a user can only look at the 2-3 categories he is interested in and see if there was a post since he visited last. For me this arriving on this quite busy page with a ton of posts was a slightly negative experience, afterwards the user experience is very nice.

In terms of features, I think less is more. An elegant, modern UI (which I think is the case) which is easy to understand is better than having ton of rarely used features that confuse newcomers. The support for posting in your native language for example seems to be “cool” in terms of IT, but I wonder if this is really needed. I would claim that 98% of people working in pharmacometrics are as comfortable to post in English as in their mother tongue.

But overall I think this looks great for alpha version 0.1 :wink:



In terms of usage policy, maybe it would be possible to restrict commercial postings to a specific forum (if users do not follow this convention they could be temporarily blocked by a moderator). It would be nice if this platform does not have to witness the same development as NMUSERS.


@Brian You kindly suggested for me to open an IRT topic. I think this should be a sub-category in PKPD, but I don’t think I can create that, can I?



Thanks for the posts.
No, the way the site is set up, an individual that is completely new to the site would not be able to add a subcategory. This protects form site spamming.

As you post more, and reply more, your trust level would increase and you could at the Level 4.

• Log into the site. ( I am interested in how well your log in it worked, or did not for you so we can get some feedback before rolling out to a larger audience)
All and all a pleasurable experience as I found that I could not only register; I could also log in either with my user name or email address (when asked for “User”).

• I am interested in what you think the categories should be arranged
The 13 Categories may be too many if users are confused where to put certain things. One could consider combining:

  • Meetings and Workshops + Education/Communication + Pharmacometic Resources= Meetings, Education and Resources

  • Tools/Repositories + NMUSERS = Tools and Repositories (including

This gets the number down to 8. That said, one could always regroup after users started to respond to see where they thought there was overlap or where no discussion was taking place.

And a few other things:
*For NMUSERS – It is suggested that the reply also sends a message back to NMUSERS to avoid only supporting a subset of users (e.g. only those who are part of this forum). Another alternative would be not to duplicate NMUSERS but allow the search to look through NMUSERS. If one decides to duplicate NMUSERS, how far back will you go?

Trivial: Note typo in description of Education/Communication – “For topics related to education, curriculum fo rPharmacometrics, and effective communication of pharmacometric approaches”

• The site support 17 different languages, and downstream translation of threads between languages. For non-native English speakers, could you try adding a topic in your native language (under Regional Discussions), and provide feedback as to how well you were able to do so?
Not applicable

• Anything you think we should (or perhaps should not include)? Vijay is working on a usage policy, and this will help us shape usage policy going forward
Consider if you want to add a topic for job postings.

• Potential Organization/Categories to include
I am used to seeing the portal page list categories and then I typically choose a category to go see. That said, I am not sure I like this way or the other way more. It would be great if it was configurable .

• Your interest in being a moderator on the site (the site has a self moderating feature to minimize spamming, haters, etc, but real moderators can help to stimulate discussion)? If you are interested, any areas you would like to help moderate
Possibly - PMX Application to Drug Development

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Ditto!!! :grinning: Thanks!

  1. and 2) Everything went well.

  2. I and Tsuchiwata-san tried to test posting using Japanese.
    Test posting in Japanese/日本語でのテスト投稿です。

It almost works well, ie., good spead, no character corruption etc. However, Tsuchiwata-san’s posts were hidden. We could not know why it happened. His comments appered by clicking “view hidden content”.
In addition, I found that Japanese can not be solely used in title. It can be solved using Japanese in combination with some alphabets (I think some alphabets may be necessary to create web link to the post).

Hope it helps.

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