Collection of QSP models

Does the QSP community have a curated list of all the published QSP models? It will be good to see what is out there and what is currently being worked on! @cjmusante @sarojar @Matthew_Riggs

Hi Vijay - not yet. The Workflows and Methods working group has been assembling a repository of some models and papers that illustrate different methodologies, etc. However, I think it’s a great idea, and Matt RIggs has been pushing this for some time too…

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Thanks, Saroja. Please reach out to the community if you need help with anything.

Hi Vijay, Agree it would be great for us to take the lead on this. In addition to collating and curating, we wiil need to decide as a community where such a repository should “live.” e.g.,, DDMoRe, GitHub, etc.