Come join us at PAGE 2016 to learn more about DDMoRe

Come join us at PAGE 2016 to learn more about DDMoRe:

The IMI Drug Disease Model Resources (DDMoRe) consortium has been created to improve and support the quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of Model-Informed Drug Discovery & Development (MID3).

At PAGE, in addition to our F2F workshop prior to the meeting, we will launch an information booth (Number 15) during the meeting.

Please come and work with us on the Simeoni –TGI model and see what more you can achieve with the model using the DDMoRe platform: Interoperability Framework, Model Repository and Thoughtflow with a warfarin model.

Join us to find out more about future training opportunities and gain an understanding of how DDMoRe will turn into a Foundation and you can participate.

You can also connect to our DDMoRe team at PAGE for more information during the meeting.

DDMoRe team: Wendy Aartsen, Marylore Chenel, Emmanuelle Comets, Lutz Harnisch, Nick Holford, Siv Jönsson, Mats Karlsson, Charlotte Kloft, Paolo Magni, Peter Milligan, Stuart Moodie, Zinnia Parra-Guillen, Maria-Luisa Sardu, Mike Smith, Justin Wilkins and many more…

For more information, visit us at

Amy Cheung on behalf of DDMoRe Workpage 8: Communication and Documentation

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