DDMoRe Community Groups - call for volunteers

Dear Modelers,

On January 17th, we launched the DDMoRe Foundation Community Groups – Model Repository, Standards and Thoughtflow – to support standardization, knowledge and model sharing in pharmacometrics.

We welcome any volunteers to join one or more of these community groups to work collaboratively on model sharing via the DDMoRe model repository; open standards for model definition and interoperability using the DDMoRe exchange standards, interoperability tools; provenance and workflow tracking via Thoughtflow.

For those who could not attend the kickoff meeting but are interested in the slides we presented, they can be found at https://www.ddmore.foundation/community-groups/. The groups themselves can be found online:

For those who would like to join a group, please register at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/XS7HGR5 so we can send you the relevant information.

After registering for a group, you will receive an email with a deadline for a Doodle poll: please indicate your availability for the group’s inaugural meeting.

Welcome to the future! We hope you’ll be along for the ride.

Justin, Mike and Céline

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