DIA ADSWG Adaptive Dose Individualization (announcement & invitation)

Dear Colleagues:

As Co-chairs of a new-forming DIA ADSWG Adaptive Dose Individualization Subteam, we invite you and your interested colleagues to join our collaboration. We aim to bring together researchers and leaders from industry, academia, the regulatory sphere and the clinic, to advance a practical science of Adaptive Dose Individualization (ADI).

To achieve practical impacts during the feasible lifespan (2-3 years) of an effort like this, we will exploit modern tools (such as the Open Science Framework) that support efficient, asynchronous collaboration and foster the organic development of member-driven initiatives. We welcome members wanting to shape a pragmatic agenda for the Subteam, to pursue meaningful progress in an area where this has been demonstrably lacking. Please send David an email; he will add you to the collaboration space, and offer whatever help you need registering for an OSF account and using its collaboration tools.

An urgent first order of business will be to submit an Invited Session proposal for JSM 2018 by the Sep 6 deadline. A draft proposal will be posted by Aug 28, to stimulate (asynchronous) discussion wiki-style.

We trust that our negotiations around this proposal will also serve to articulate some concrete aims for the Subteam, and stimulate the formation of several projects around which members may nucleate. If a substantial number of us turn out to be attending the ASA Biopharmaceutical Section Regulatory-Industry Workshop Sep 25–27, then that event will provide an early opportunity for informal face-to-face meetings.

Kind regards,
Diane & David

David C. Norris, MD
Precision Methodologies, LLC

Diane R. Mould, PhD
Projections Research, Inc.

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