Digital Curation of Pharmacometric Resources

This post is a wiki - so all users in the forum can make edits and make it resourceful.

The ISoP Education Committee is curating information on various pharmacometrics resources. We request users to fill out the forms below, each form can be filled multiple times. Data collected will be made available to all members via a new ISoP supported portal to be launched soon.

Educational Institutes -
Pharmacometric Journals -
Online Books -
Conferences and Meetings related to Pharmacometrics -
Online Notes and Tutorials -
Online Blogs -

If you want to contribute to this list (please do), feel free to edit this post and your own google form that can request content in a curated way. Please make sure to share your google forms with ISoP.

We look forward to your responses and contribution towards creating a curated repository of information that can be used by all members of our clinical pharmacology and pharmacometrics community.