Event announcement: Free tutorial workshop on case studies in PBPK and QSP using mrgsolve in R

Dear all,
The University of Florida (Center for Pharmacometrics and Systems Pharmacology) in collaboration with Metrum Research Group and the ISoP Student Leadership Committee, will present a tutorial session to review case studies in PBPK and QSP modeling and simulation using mrgsolve in R. mrgsolve (https://mrgsolve.github.io) is a free, open-source modeling and simulation platform to support ODE-based model development in R.

The workshop is scheduled to take place at the University of Florida-College of Pharmacy (Orlando Lake Nona Campus) Classroom 334 on March 24 (Saturday) from 1:30 pm – 5:30 pm. Course slides, data, and code are provided for all examples. Attendees should have knowledge and experience in population PKPD modeling and a laptop with WiFi internet capability. Attendance is free and open to all.

Please register through this link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/case-studies-with-mrgsolve-pbpk-and-qsp-model-implementation-and-utilization-in-r-tickets-43348159512 if you plan to attend. Seats are limited.

Workshop outline

  1. mrgsolve overview (brief tutorial)
  2. PBPK model characterizing drug-drug interactions between HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors and cyclosporine (Yoshikado et al. 2016; PMID 27170342)
    a. Sensitivity analyses
    b. Parameter estimation
  3. Evaluation of combination chemotherapy regimens using a QSP model for MAP kinase signaling in colorectal cancer (Kirouac et al. 2017; PMID 28649441)
    a. Create complicated input data sets
    b. Options for parallelizing simulations
  4. Discussion

Best regards,
Yi Ting (Kayla) Lien, M.S.
Ph.D student
ISoP Student Leadership Chair
University of Florida


This sounds great and similar to the event I saw advertised at the Univ. of Minnesota a few months ago. Is there any interest in organizing something similar in the Boston-Cambridge area (maybe it has happened and I missed :frowning: )? I would definitely be interested, as would several of my colleagues at Pfizer.


Hi Ted,
Thanks for the interest! :grinning:Currently, the ISoP student community does not have something set up in the region yet. But it is a great point and we are always open having events set up globally so that everyone gets a chance to participate in the community. The ISoP student community is also looking at recording possibilities for our future events so that it is accessible to everyone when one can’t attend in person.

In the meantime, if you happen to be in Orlando for ASCPT meeting, this workshop is right after the meeting and is within 20 minutes distance from the University of Florida. I hope this helps and let us look into the Boston-Cambridge area events further. Thank you.


@Theodore_Rieger -

We’re planning a more extensive PBPK workshop in Cambridge some time after Memorial Day. It’ll be 1.5 day workshop that will include some introductory hands-on work to introduce the workflow, some teaching time on PBPK, and then applied examples in PBPK (simulation, sensitivity analyses, parameter estimation, etc). But still finalizing the date and the content. We’ll get an announcement out soon (but not sure we’ll be able to post about it here).


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Dear all,
For those who have missed the workshop, the lecture materials and codes are available through this link: https://github.com/metrumresearchgroup/pbpk-qsp-mrgsolve

The course videos are available via:

Thank you.

Yi Ting (Kayla) Lien
ISoP student community

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