GitHub Library of models

I noticed a fantastic resource from Tarjinder Sahota of Astra-Zeneca in GitHub - it’s a repository of template library models for Pop Pk and other basic PKPD models.

I commend Tarjinder and AZ for starting this project. I’m planning on contributing to help refine these models in the hope that we can get some common starting points for analysis that will help consistency and get folks started quicker. (We all know how to code up a one compartment model in NMTRAN right? But we probably all have slightly different styles and preferences that make it harder to review and QC others’ code).

It would be fantastic to have similar template / example code for these models for nlmixr, saemix, mrgsolve, RxODE, PopED, PFIM etc so that analysts can quickly bridge between estimation, simulation and optimal design knowing that the basic model is compatible across tools.

From there who knows, we could ultimately use a common language for expressing these models and automatically translate between them… We could call it the Model Description Language…


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