Gordon Research Conferences. Improving Drug Safety: From Innovation in the Lab to Application in the Clinic

The Drug Safety Gordon Research Conference is a leading venue for discussing contemporary approaches to drug safety assessment and to translate innovation in the lab to clinical drug safety research. Building on the momentum of a very successful inaugural meeting, for the 2016 Conference, experts and thought leaders from academia, industry and regulatory agencies will discuss the latest development and application of innovative methodologies for pharmaceutical risk assessment. The meeting sessions are organized to parallel the flow of knowledge in drug discovery and development beginning with computational models and systems biological approaches to drug safety assessment, through microphysiological systems and on to the pivotal transition to clinical development before addressing post marketing concerns. The conference will also feature a session on drug safety of biologics, a timely and important topic for which classical drug safety tools often don’t suffice.

For the first time, a Gordon Research Seminar on Drug Safety will be held in conjunction with the conference and will provide young researchers and early-career scientists the opportunity to present and discuss their current research with their peers. Networking and the free exchange of ideas is an important part to the success of the conference. Participants will have the opportunity to present their cutting-edge work in poster format during session breaks in a relaxed setting that stimulates open dialogues which often carry on into the social activities during the afternoon sessions and at the bar at the end of the day. A committee will select some posters for short oral presentations that will be featured during late-breaking sessions, allowing those participants to share their work with leading experts in their field and to receive feedback from an audience of experts.


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