Hosting Pharmacometric Related Applications: The ISOP Shiny Server

What is Shiny and Why Create a Model-Based Application?

Pharmacometricians are often asked by the teams they work with to explore various scenarios with our models, simulations and analyses. In most cases, the pharmacometrician, in his role as a data analyst, needs to rerun analyses, and re-represent the results, often in multiple iterations.

Shiny is a web application framework for R that can remove the step between the data analyst and the users of model results. The R package Shiny allows for easy development of web-based applications for those using R-based workflows. Shiny applications can be launched from R, or the files used can be stored on a server and launched without the need for the end user to have or be proficient in R. Basic R Shiny app development is fun and easy for even someone with limited R skills. It allows pharmacometricians to share their work with others, and empowers non-quantitative team members to explore data and analyses in real-time.

What is the ISOP Shiny Server?

ISOP, supported by the ISOP technology committee, and RStudio, has made available a Shiny server for ISOP members to host their Pharmacometric related applications.

What Applications are Suitable for the Server?

Applications for working with datasets, visualizing models and modeling results, and simple model-based simulations applications are all suitable for the Shiny server. Applications must utilize non-proprietary code and data, and other materials. Applications that require excessively long run times may not be suitable.


Explore Meta Data
This is an R Shiny Demo for pharmacometric applications. It allows you to change the settings and assumptions underlying your exploratory data analysis on the fly. Try to generate the dose-response curve over time by study. Click on the Data tab to access the data. You can also drag and drop columns to reorder. (compliments Samer Mouksassi)

ggPlot Your Data
An application that allows you to create ggplot graphics with out knowing how to use R (compliments Samer Mouksassi)

How do I Upload the Materials to the Server?

Jinzhong Liu has agreed to administer the ISOP Shiny site. Send your material as a zip file (maintaining any file structure that is required) to, who can upload the materials to the server and help to ensure that your application is working correctly.

How do I Prepare a Shiny app?

RStudio maintains a wonderful introductory tutorial entitled Teach Yourself Shiny that can serve as a starting point for learning how to build applications using the R Shiny package. If you are completely new to Shiny, it may be useful to review this tutorial before reviewing the material below. If R is also new to you, you may want to check out the learning resources at before taking this tutorial.

Jessica Wojciechowski has also prepared a tutorial in CPT:PSP entitled “Interactive Pharmacometric Applications Using R and the Shiny Package” that covers the basics, but also demonstrates how to prepare an app more specific to our discipline, such as preparing a pop PK application.

A detailed tutorial specific to Pharmacometrics entitled “Building Pharmacometric Applications using R: An online R Shiny Tutorial” is also available at