How to Setup a YouTube Livestream for the Pharmacometrics Livestream Series

In this video, Vijay Ivaturi, the Chair of the ISOP Education Committee, explains how to setup a YouTube Livestream for individuals who wish to host a Webinar as part of the ISOP PMX Study Groups.

Link to Study Groups Home Page:

@vijay and @bdenney, a few individuals have experienced that they their sound is off as they begin the webinar. Any advice for others as to how to ensure this does not occur?

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My issue was simple: When I plugged in my USB microphone, it was muted even though the computer microphone control was not muted. I had planned to test it before the seminar, but I ran into a different issue just before the webinar.

The other thing I did was: I had a second computer nearby where I was watching the webinar. So, I was aware of the issue just before people started letting me know that it was a problem. If you’re able to have a second computer available and you can have the webinar open in Chrome, you should see an icon at the right of the tab showing that sound is coming through. If you don’t see the sound icon, you don’t have sound.

My issue before the webinar was that I use Google Apps for Business, and the default controls setup Hangouts on Air as disabled. If you use Google Apps for business, check with your domain administrator that Hangouts on Air is enabled (this is different than Hangouts being enabled). The instructions for checking (and changing) the settings are at

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New updates based on changes to YouTube setup infrastructure. Kindly provided by @dcnorris

The situation is that YouTube Hangouts have moved to YouTube Live as of last Fall. This is described in the following short video:

(I don’t believe any of the advertising issues discussed in this video are pertinent for us.)

I had to create a new Google Plus account from scratch. I don’t quite recall all the steps, or everything that was involved.

I also installed Chrome browser, assuming this would work more reliably than a Safari plug-in (I used a Mac for the streaming). Once you have your account set up, the steps run like this:

  1. Select YouTube from the gridded menu at top right of your home screen:

  2. Right next to account picture, you will see the Creator Studio button;

  3. You will arrive at your Creator Studio ‘dashboard’; on the left side of your screen you’ll now see a ((*)) LIVE STREAMING menu

  4. Under LIVE STREAMING, select Events

  5. At the top right of the screen, you’ll now be able to schedule a New live event:

  6. The menus and steps that follow are largely self-explanatory and straightforward. You’ll end up with a URL that you can share on the ISOP discussion site.

  7. The broadcast itself is also started from within Creator Studio (if I remember correctly). By all means, do set up a Test example and watch it from another computer while you simulate your broadcast.

  8. Of note, one thing I neglected to do during my own tests was to simulate taking questions. I would suggest that you use a separate computer entirely for checking the ISOP discussion site or other sources of questions. I make heavy use of multiple desktop screens on my Mac, and I suspect that the technical problems that arose during my presentation (aborts of screen sharing) arose when I switched to another desktop to check email or the ISOP website. Certainly, Chrome was able to see and share an application screen only when that application was running on the same desktop with Chrome. Another thing to do during your tests is to check your mic volume. I found that I had to decrease my mic volume to get a suitable level on the receiving end.

  9. I’m not fully convinced that all my screen sharing problems were entirely due to desktop switching, however.

  10. I think there might be good cause to consider how best to get questions to speakers in this series. It might be best if you could ask a co-worker to monitor your broadcast to notify you immediately if a broadcast problem arises.

I hope this helps you get started, and I look forward to watching your presentation myself! Please let me know if I can clarify anything here.

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