Introduction to PKPDsim

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General Topic: PKPDsim, a library for simulation of systems of differential equations in the pharmacometric setting
Presenter: Ron Keizer
Date: Apr 29
Location: SF, CA
Time: 9am PT, noon EST
Background Resources for the Audience:

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Can you add a loading + infusion dose?
In the sense, can type=“infusion” be a list

@Ron_Keizer, thanks for the webinar!
I see in the background materials on the github link above you have a shiny app. Does the pkpdsim package create the shiny code, or is that a standalone app you have created based on the package?

Brian - Ron has a shiny app that integrates into PKDPsim. you don’t have to write shiny code (for basic apps) if I am not wrong

the shiny part has its own package it is automatic. one caveat is that it is not compatible with but we need to check.

one more tip if you gert annoying Rtools is not installed try to have this defined in your R session:

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hi Brian,
the Shiny functionality was initially embedded into PKPDsim. However, too make development easier I recently split off that functionality into a separate package: PKPDsimShiny (also on my GitHub page). Using that package you can create a Shiny app on-the-fly. Instead of calling sim_ode() like I showed in the video, you would just call sim_ode_shiny(), with the same arguments.
One caveat is that that the PKPDsimShiny package at the moment is a bit less well developed than PKPDsim, so it might be that you will encounter an error. I hope to find some time soon to work on the Shiny part too.


Hi Ron,
I just tried it works !
very nice introduction. Thank you

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@Ron_Keizer Very nice tool. Thank you.
How to assign individual covariate to each ID?