Introduction to the "new" xpose R package

Benjamin Guiastrennec has reworked the popular and probably the most widely used nonmem post-processing tool, xpose, into a modern framework using a tidyverse backend.

He will be providing an introduction to the new xpose package by going over the core concepts and giving examples to get both the novice and the experienced up and running.

Do not miss it!


Here is a direct link to the video

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Looks great! So, if not using the sdtab, patab, etc… convention, and we have one standard output file, we can use functions like get_data() get_prm() to use the regular functions?

do you plan to add any interactive compatibility like ggplotly or other true other interactive plots ?

The webinar recording can be seen here:

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Hi Samer,

As mentioned at the end of the webinar, our priority would be to have a shiny app to interactively build and customize plots.

Regarding interactivity in the plot itself, we have a vignette on the xpose website (here) that exemplifies how plotly::ggplotly() can be used to create interactive plots from xpose plots.

This was mentioned at the end of the webinar but I am adding the reply here for completion. All features of xpose work without the need to use the sdtab naming convention. The only drawback of not using this naming convention is that you may have to manually assign some variables to a category for some plots (e.g. covariates). Hence, the functions get_data() and get_prm() are not impacted by these.