ISOP Board of Directors Election

The time has come for you and the ISoP membership to select three new ISoP Board Members, with the goal of cultivating and implementing fresh ideas through new leadership.

A number of well qualified individuals were put forward this year. The following six candidates were selected by the Nomination Committee and the ISoP board for your consideration.

Peter Bonate
Jonathan French
Michael Heathman
Pei Hu
Cynthia J. Musante
Mirjam Trame

Before voting, please carefully review each of the statements from our candidates so you can make an informed choice. Click on each name to view the candidate’s personal statement.

Here is your link to the voting ballot. Please note you must be logged in as a member for your vote. You will receive an email confirming your selections after you submit your ballot. if you do not receive an email, you did not vote.

Please submit your ballot by Friday, September 9th by midnight Eastern time, after which the polls will be closed.