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ISoP QSP Special Interest Group Call for Applications for the roles of Vice-Chair and Secretary 2017-2018

The QSP Special Interest Group (SIG) Leadership Team is seeking nominations for the 2017-2018 roles of Vice-Chair and Secretary. Nominations are open to all colleagues who are registered members of both ISoP and the QSP SIG at the time of nomination. Both self-nominations or nominations of others are accepted. In the latter case, please confirm that the nominee is willing to fill this role, and obtain required application material from them as needed (e.g, CV).

The vice-chair position will be elected by the QSP SIG membership, and the secretary position is selected by the QSP SIG leadership team.

Please send your CV and a short, single-paragraph introduction and motivation to before July 7, 2017.

Vice-Chair role

The Vice-Chair plays an instrumental role in developing and implementing the initiatives of the SIG. The role requires experience in QSP in academia, industry, or government or public sector organizations, including familiarity with the broader space of QSP and a passion and commitment to foster a QSP community and drive the field forward. The Vice-Chair will work closely with other members of the SIG Leadership Team to develop SIG-contributed conference programming, participate in review of SIG working group efforts, help plan SIG activities for ACoP conferences, and help identify initiatives the SIG should undertake in the future. Additional responsibilities include participation at monthly Leadership Team meetings and quarterly Steering Committee meetings (usually via TC; F2F at ACoP), as well as participation in SIG activities at ACoP annual conferences. The Vice-Chair will in subsequent years take on the role of Chair-Elect, and then Chair of the SIG; as such, the anticipated term of participation in the Leadership Team is three years.

Secretary role

The role is an opportunity for a motivated, early career scientist, to gain greater exposure in the community and experience in managing the ISoP QSP SIG initiative. Responsibilities include participation at monthly Leadership Team meetings and quarterly Steering Committee meetings (usually via TC; F2F at ACoP), maintaining SIG documentation (including preparing meeting minutes), and managing communication efforts (in coordination with the SIG Chair and ISoP Director of Membership and Operations). Attendance and participation in SIG activities at ACoP9 is also expected. This is a one-year term,