Journal recommendation for QSP article

We are in the process of preparing a manuscript for the application of a systems pharmacology model for understanding a metabolic disorder. Ideally, when publishing these models, the full model structure and parameters are disclosed/made available for download. However, in this particular instance for intellectual property reasons, the full structure of the model cannot be disclosed. I still think we have a compelling story and enough calibration and validation evidence that the model is reasonable, but I’m not sure if reviewers and editors will see it that way. In fact, I know some journals (e.g., CPT:PSP, PLoS) won’t even consider a paper based on mathematical modeling unless it is fully disclosed (for the record I support this position 99% of the time). Any advice on generally how to proceed with a manuscript with a partially black-boxed model? Does anyone have any experience with a journal that may be willing to consider this type of manuscript for review?


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Hi Ted,

@Theodore_Rieger This is a common issue and we have to deal with this. How about you start with publishing your work at . this is an ISoP endorsed channel in biorxiv for drug development and clinical therapeutics that you can use to disseminate your work. It will be peer reviewed by folks in the community and you will also have access to a doi that can be use to share your work. The manuscripts here can be updated when you feel that it is ready to do so without any admin overhead.


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