Lay Outreach / Innovative Communication

I’ve begun an exciting programme of lay outreach around my research programme in dose individualization in oncology. I regret I’ll miss ACoP9 in October :sob: but wanted to share one of the early fruits of this effort with you all.

Here’s a private link to an 8-minute video titled Into the Mind of the OneSizeFitsAllogist. (On Twitter, I use the tags #OneSizeFitsAllogist, #OneSizeFitsAllipsism, etc., to refer to several aspects of 1-size-fits-all dose finding.) I believe the video is notable for finding a useful and historically grounded concrete illustration of dose-escalation designs, which also allows serious epistemological considerations to be broached by the end.

Of note: a URL flashes briefly at the end, which I trust will not breach the rules of this forum. I am most certainly not intending this message as a solicitation. Best regards to all & sorry to miss you in October!