Marbach Castle DDI Workshop 2016: 7th International Workshop on Regulatory Requirements and Current Scientific Aspects on the Preclinical and Clinical Investigation of Drug-Drug Interactions

The DDI workshop series is a non-profit programme to exchange research-based knowledge on drug-drug interactions (DDIs) among all interested stakeholders from pharmaceutical industry, regulatory authorities, academic and health care delivery backgrounds and perspectives.

The overall objective of the International Marbach Castle DDI Workshop series is to disseminate the scientific knowledge about drug-drug interactions (incl. food-drug and herb-drug interactions), and to foster communication for efficient preclinical and clinical investigation of DDIs. The goal is continuous improvement of the safe use of drugs in the light of increasing poly-pharmacotherapy in particular in ageing and multimorbid populations.

Marbach Castle DDI Workshop 2016 - 1st Announcement-Draft for Review-12Jan2016.pdf (1.2 MB)

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