'nonmem_cn' A VSCode extension for syntax Highlighting and Completion

Hello Everyone,

I recently wrote an extension “nonmem_cn” to assist in the preparation of NONMEM control files. This extension is implemented based on VSCode. You can easily download it by searching “nonmem” in the VSCode application extension plug-in market:

Basic Information:

Main functions:

  • Code block folding

  • Completion (snippets)
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  • Syntax highlighting
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Extension Settings

If you expect the suggested auto-completion to appear at the top of the suggestion list, you need to make the following settings:
Search for editor.snippetSuggestions in the settings, there are four options top, bottom, inline, none four options, select top.

Known Issues

It is recommended that the ordering of completed content is not very appropriate, and it takes a lot of time to modify the sorting. So is temporarily abandoned for the time being.


At present, the existing syntax aids for writing NONMEM control files are too weak to provide users with a good environment for getting started, and there are no tools for Chinese annotations, so this tool is developed. Another purpose of developing this tool is to make some contribution to the community so that people have better tools to use.

participate and contribute

The implementation of completion hints, hover hints, syntax highlighting, etc., needs to be done by traversing all enumerations, which is a time-consuming task, and you can participate and contribute your knowledge to make the tool better.

In this extended github repository, I provide two CSV files “Highlight.csv” and “snippets.csv”, which can add new lines to the existing content to add content.

I can add your supplementary content directly to the corresponding JOSN file by merging it into JSON format through Excel formula.

Fu Yongchao

Completion (snippets)