NONMEM FOCE+I freezes during search

Dear all,

I am currently doing a large NONMEM simulation and model fitting project. I have written R subroutines to execute the project and catch exceptions, except when NONMEM freezes forever occur during search. This will also freeze the R subroutine forever because it always wait for PsN’s execute to finish. I will pose an example at the end of the thread.

I encounter this problem when I run this model in a Linux system with NONMEM 7.4.1. The same model runs well (i.e. the search ends with #TERM:) in my own Windows system with NONMEM 7.4.3. As I rely on the Linux cluster to do this large project, I am awaiting the update by my colleagues which can take some time.

Wondering if anyone has any idea why NONMEM freezes in certain datasets, rather than terminating the search process and issue a whatever error, so that my subroutines can continue to do what it should do.

Thanks for your attention!