Open Source Tool for Automated Pharmacometric Analysis Dataset Specification

I am proud and excited to announce that we made our BMS internal Tool for automation of Pharmacometric Analysis Dataset Specification open source now. The tool automates the creation of standard Population PK dataset Specification applying ISoP POPPK Data Standards. It has built in checks to enforce the standards and several other cool features and templates for POPPK and Exposure-Response datasets. It reduces the time to create the specifications, minimizes the variability across the industry and improves quality and efficiency. Manuscript will follow soon.

Please see the details below on how you may take advantage of this tool and stand it up in your company. We presented this at ACoP few years ago and based on the interest it generated we decided to make it open source. We plan to update the template in future with CDISC ADPPK standards once they are published.

BMS Internal and external users can clone the GitHub repository and run PMWebSpec application locally or deploy the application on their preferred cloud platform. Below is the link to access the repository:

GitHub - BMS-CPP/PMWebSpec

Repository contents:

  • Application source Code

  • Local/AWS setup user guide