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PBPK Workshop or Trainings?

Hi all,

I am interested in learning about PBPK and systems pharmacology, and am trying to find some workshops/training program/training material. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.



Thanks for posting!

We have a special interest group (SIG) of ISOP dedicated to Quantitative Systems Pharmacology. They are scheduling a series of videos and webinars that we will post here this year.

A description of the group is here.

There is a link at the bottom of that page to join them.

Our affiliated journal, CPT:PSP is also an open source Journal that has alot of good resources for learning more in these areas.

We will be officially launching this site later this mont to our whole community, so I hope alot more resources will also be avialble here shortly

Hoped that helped.

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Hi Krina,
I don’t know if you are familiar with SimCYP but they have just announced there workshops for 2016.
e.g. : 21st & 22nd June 2016 in Sheffield, UK

and one in Tokyo in August etc. depending on where you are based, there are a few more listed on the website, they will also give onsite training

Best regards, Simon.