Pharmacokinetics Could Save Maria Sharapova

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Very cool article! And I’m glad it is featured in forbes which is a more mainstream media source. For those who didn’t catch John Oliver’s (talk show host) episode on “p-hacking” and would like 20 minutes of pure entertainment, definitely watch it. He’s goes into the dangers of making conclusions based on p-value exclusively without digging further. I think it would be very beneficial for more pharmacometric topics to be discussed in media channels that reach a wider audience such as John Oliver, VICE, or popular news channels. Also the presentation in this article was well done – not too technical and after reading it, you experience a sense of awe. I think people are interested in science and how it relates to their health, but we aren’t using enough of the right channels.

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@lliao you raise a good point. John Oliver’s article probably had alot more “societal” impact than the statement
from the American Statistical Association statement on p-values:

Hi dear can I get pharmacometric training especially pk modelling and simulation for antibiotics in pediatrics? I have proposed it for my thesis of pharmacology.

Hi! I’m actually no expert in pediatrics, but I know U of MD offers single courses in their program you can take in specialized areas as a non-degree student. All the Best :slight_smile:

What is your background in and what are you looking for in terms of training? Perhaps we can point you to specific resources!


Thank you for joining the group. have you done any type of pk modeling in the past? if so, what tools did you use? The training, at least in part, may be dependent on the tools you want to use. If you have no tools, then you may want to consider an open source package that works within R. are you familiar with the R programming language?

thank you dear! I am a pharmacist(patient oriented pharmacy) and now I am a pharmacology student who finished courses dispensed for the program and to start my thesis on pk of antibiotic in pediatrics.In my proposal I have proposed to develop Pk modeling and simulation using NONMEM software. now I am in need of training on Pk modeling and simulation and also NONMEM training.

PK Basics online course (free)

Pk Advanced online course (free) (free)

Here is a useful textbook specific to your topic

Consider contacting Dr Derendorf at Univ of Florida, who is a co-editor. He May be able to put you in touch with one of his sutdents who can help.

For NONMEM, consider signing up for the free NMUSERS listserv You can request to be added to the NONMEM Users Network by sending an e-mail message to After you have subscribed, you can post to the newsgroup via this address: and ask technical questions of the NONMEM community. Also, a very helpful list of historic questions/answers is maintained that answers alot of beginner questions.

Dr. Mats Karllson host training for students in Sweden, and has in the past provided scholarships for individuals from outside Europe/North America to travel to learn pkpd

Sorry for not responding immediately because of some problems. Since I have joined this group I have got a lot of information, guidances from the members of the group. Frankly speaking it is amazing group I have ever seen. I have also contacted professionals by the help of group members and enjoyed to the group and this group discussion may play a great role in my future interest. Thanks! No I did not use any pk modeling in the past.