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The ISoP Education Committee is pleased to launch a new initiative - Pharmacometrics Study Groups

Website: Pharmacometrics Study Groups

Inaugural session:

General Topic: PKPDsim, a library for simulation of systems of differential equations in the pharmacometric setting
Presenter: Ron Keizer
Date: Apr 29
Location: SF, CA
Time: 9am PT, noon EST
Background Resources for the Audience:

Checkout and follow our events page to keep track of all sessions. If you would like to present or request a session, see if your idea fits into one our proposals types or lesson ideas and drop us a note.

What is the Pharmacometrics Study Group

The open science movement presents many opportunities to reimagine the way we do research. Evidence continues to mount that the open publication of data and papers benefits the researchers who publish them, and the creation, modification and reuse of software is becoming commonplace in many fields of research. And yet, few places exist to support and encourage the exploration of these skills and ideas; where does a researcher go to learn these techniques and start these conversations?

It’s possible to explore these opportunities effectively today by joining the Pharmacometrics Study Group. Pharmacometrics Study Groups are regular meetups, physical or online, for statisticians, clinical pharmacologists, pharmacometricians, drug developers and clinical scientists to improve their technical and soft skills, learn new tools, and work openly together to share solutions. We’d like to achieve three main goals in a Study Group:

Skill Sharing. A good Pharmacometrics Study Group shares lessons on asking the right questions, open science skills, from freely learning and discussing new tools, to learning technical skills, to communicating our results to decision makers in an efficient manner.

Idea Discovery. There is a rich world of open-source code & open science strategies to support research, but these can be hard to discover on our own. A Pharmacometrics Study Group brings the experiences of many researchers together to help you discover tools, code and projects to supercharge your research.

Community Support. Learning how to ask the right question, identify the pattern, work with data and code can be isolating, stressful and time consuming for many early career researchers. A Pharmacometrics Study Group gives people a place to ask questions, get help and receive encouragement on their path to learning open research practices and technologies.

Come join this growing community of shared learning. Drop us a note with your github handle at isop-phmx to:

  • join the member community
  • present on a topic of your interest
  • request a topic to be presented by an expert
  • suggest new areas of learning
  • or just to say hello :slight_smile:!

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