PKPD Simulations Using mlxR (Wednesday, June 1st)

**Title:**PKPD Simulations Using mlxR
General Topic: Introduction to use of mlxR
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Presenter: Marc Lavielle
Date(s): June 1st
Time: Noon EDT
Background Resources and Code for the Audience:


the mlxR package allows for quick and easy simulation and visualization of complex
models for longitudinal data. The models are encoded using the model coding
language ‘Mlxtran’, automatically converted into C++ codes, compiled on the
fly and linked to R using the ‘Rcpp’ package. That allows one to implement
very easily complex ODE-based models and complex statistical models,
including mixed effects models, for continuous, count, categorical, and
time-to-event data.

Will look forward to the webinar tomorrow

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working fine here in th eUSA!

are there any software requirements (C++, etc.) in addition to the R package?

Thanks Marc!..Wonderful demo…

thank you, very well done system