Preprint your publications on BioRxiv

Dear Colleagues,

BioRxiv is the new home to pre-print publications for all disciplines involved in clinical drug development and therapeutics! Check out the new Drug Development and Clinical Therapeutics (#ddct) channel on the well-know BioRxiv pre-print site (channels are listed in a menu on the upper right side of the main page).

Pre-prints provide rapid dissemination of knowledge with an opportunity to receive dynamic and continuous feedback from multiple reviewers that can improve the quality of your publication.
We believe pre-prints are an essential but missing link in our rapidly growing field of quantitative clinical sciences that support clinical drug development and therapeutic management.

You can learn more about pre-prints and Biorxiv by watching the videos in the links.
Submitting your manuscripts to biorxiv’s #ddct channel requires 2 simple steps:

  1. Submit your manuscript through the regular submission route of biorxiv that can be found here
  2. Add a #ddct Tag to the end of your manuscript abstract to get listed in the Drug Development and Clinical Therapeutics channel. In addition to this tag, you can include multiple other tags that are listed here in the “Instructions for authors”

Your manuscript will be sent out to moderators who will oversee the content and approve the pre-print. The moderator’s job is primarily to ensure that the manuscript is a rigorous scientific work in an area consistent with the scope of the #ddct channel. Review of the details of the manuscript is left to the community who have access to a discussion board for each manuscript. This will facilitate an open peer review process designed to help authors improve their work before submitting to a peer-reviewed journal. A revised and refined manuscript after open peer-review can still be submitted to any standard journal of your choice.

We are seeking moderators from different time zones around the world, at least 1-2 from each continent. Moderators will serve for a one year term at the end of which can nominate other colleagues to serve. If you would like to nominate yourself or a colleague, please send an email to the contacts listed below with the subject line - “Intent to moderate #ddct biorxiv”.

Please send all questions and comments to -
Vijay Ivaturi -
Kyle Baron -
Or join the discussion in the Biorxiv category thread on

Best regards,

Vijay Ivaturi (@vijay)
Kyle Baron (@kyleb)


I am pleased to announce that @andy.stein has submitted the first publication in our pre-print “Drug Development and Clinical Therapeutics” channel on biorxiv. Please feel free to review this publication and provide feedback to Andy.