Sternfels Prize for Drug Safety

A unique opportunity for members of our community.

The Sternfels Prize was created to reduce the risk associated with the real-world use of pharmaceuticals. The purpose of the prize is to incentivize pharmacologists, pharmacists, medical practitioners, academics, and students to think about ways to reduce the real world risks patients face from polypharmacy, interacting co-morbidities, and genetic variations.

The prize is awarded to the most novel, important, and testable idea to reduce life threatening drug-drug, drug-disease or pharmacogenomic interactions. All submissions must be the applicant’s own work and not already be adequately addressed on an existing drug label or in a scholarly work. The winning submission will receive $35,000 (USD).


Maybe a note here: it seems ownership of submitted ideas goes to the sponsor of the prize:

  1. OWNERSHIP OF SUBMISSIONS; LICENSES. All Submissions become the property of Sponsor. Sponsor does not assume any obligation to return Participant’s Submission.

Also the sponsor, Wapta LLC, does not have any website or any other clear information, as far as I can see…