Survey to Help in Planning

I received the following e-mail that asked me to pass this survey along. If you have time, I am sure they would appreciate the input. - Brian

Hi Brian,

I am writing to seek your participation in an ASCPT survey on Reverse Translation and if possible also share it with your colleagues within your organization and professional community to help catalyze participation. We are crowd sourcing stats on Reverse Translation and Quantitative Pharmacology in preparation for a symposium at ASCPT next week.

Participation in the survey has not been high and I am trying to do some personal reach outs to leaders in quantitative and translational sciences to seek their participation and also seek help in disseminating the survey. Any and all participation (does not have to be from ASCPT members only) during this week and early next week will be extremely valuable as we hope to synthesize the survey results by mid-next week in preparation for panel discussion at the symposium. As much of my network is within the clin pharm community, if you do not mind sending this along to some key players in Statistics, it would provide very valuable data from across the breadth of perspectives in quantitative science.

The link to the survey appears in the ASCPT news burst below under member services Crowd-Sourced Stats for Symposium

I look forward to seeing you at the Annual Meeting next week.


Crowd-Sourced Stats for Symposium
In preparation for the Reverse Translation Fueled by Quantitative Pharmacology: Informing Biology, Drug Development Decision-Making, and Therapeutic Optimization symposium on Saturday, March 18, 2017, at the Annual Meeting, ASCPT is requesting your input on quantitative reverse translation via a short survey. >> Read more