Turinabol -- Picogram Levels & "Pulsing" Effect

Jon Jones tested positive for a trace amount of DHCMT, also known as Turinabol, earlier this month. USADA head Jeff Novitzky claimed that a positive result may be due to a “pulsing” effect.
I am hoping that somebody can lead me towards some direction or understanding of the legitimacy of the article below and whether they could give any insight in regards to the likelihood that “pulsing” effect is plausible. The article served as the basis for Jeff Novitzky’s decision to not punish Jones. The video below provides Novitzky’s explanation for his decision.


Hi was this done by using a spot urine test ? it is hard to comment most of the doping test has nothing to do with “kinetics” as they rely on a single spot urine test. you need to go back to how they validated the cutoffs. ( if you can find the publication). Urine spot testing sample values can indeed fluctuates it is much more reliable to have an average over a urine collection period.