Tutorial on Target-Mediated Drug Disposition (TMDD) Models: Apps

A very nice tutorial from P Dua, E Hawkins and PH van der Graaf appeared last year in CPT:PSP around TMDD based models, with an introductory guide to the mathematical aspects of TMDD models for pharmaceutical researchers.


Marc Lavielle (@lavielle) has implemented the 8 models described in this tutorial (and for which a BM code is provided as Supplementary Material), using the mlxR package and Shiny applications:


It is possible with these web applications to interactively modify the parameter values and the dosing regimen, and visualize the impact on the different components of the ODE system.

All the R code and the Shiny applications are also available:

@lavielle, much thanks!


This is a great resource. @lavielle, would you or someone from your group take time to provide a short intro to using mlxR via the Pharmacometrics Study Group.

I understand you already have a few videos here, but a short introduction would get a lot of folks started out there!


Thanks Vijay!

Yes, I’ll be happy to give a (short) introduction to mlxR!


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@lavielle Thank you. Just let me know a date and time and we will cover the logistics.