Updated January 18th, 12:30 EST Webinar: Delay Differential Equations Based Models in NONMEM

Presenter: Wojciech Krzyzanski, PhD, University at Buffalo
Objectives: Models using delay differential equations (DDEs) are getting increasingly popular in the analysis of data exhibiting delays. Many pharmacometric software (Phoenix NMLE, Monolix, MATLAB, Berkeley Madonna) support DDE solvers to facilitate DDE based model development. Recently, a DDE solver has been implemented in NONMEM as ADVAN 16. The objective of this presentation is to introduce basic concepts underlying DDE based models and show how they can be developed using ADVAN16.

Topics/Agenda :

  1. Introduction to DDEs
  2. Overview of RADAR5 DDE solver
  3. Basics of ADVAN16
  4. Examples of DDE models
    Rheumatoid arthritis development in collagen-induced arthritic mice
    Tumor growth inhibition in xenograft mouse model
    Erythropoietin stimulation of RBCs
  5. Challenges and limitations

Duration : 45 min (presentation)+ 15 min (Q&A)

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Looks like a great webinar. How do you register?

added the zoom link which was sent via email to all isop members. Please register and make sure to download zoom before the webinar.

@SamerMOUKSASSI will the webinar be available for later viewing? Will it be uploaded to the ISoP YouTube channel?

yes that is the plan we asked Zoom and both are possible it seems there is a zoom plugin to upload a recorded webinar to youtube : https://blog.zoom.us/wordpress/2015/06/04/so-youve-made-a-zoom-recordingnow-what/

FYI, Samer, the link you added above did not work, but the one in my email did. Looking forward to this webinar!

Fixed the link. It should work now

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