What's Your Emax?

Fitness for Pharmacometricians

Are you comfortable discussing “shrinkage”? Do you already have an R-markdown file/shiny app built to plot your three 5K runs from last year? If your answer is yes, or if you are as passionate about data from your fitness activities as you are from your models, or if you just need motivation from friends to maintain a healthy lifestyle, then Emax may be the fitness club for you!

What is Emax?
Emax is a STRAVA-Based fitness club for ISOP members and their friends. Our goal is to motivate each other to our maximum fitness potential.

Do I need to be an ISOP member to join Emax?
No, just passionate about pharmacometrics and fitness. Our goal is to motivate each other to achieve our personal “Emax” from a fitness perspective. We will also use the club to organize runs.swims, etc at meetings we normally attend like PAGE, ACOP, and ASCPT. You will need to be a STRAVA member to join.

Do I have to pay to join STRAVA?
No. Basic membership to STRAVA is free.

How do I upload my fitness activities?
You can upload data (distance, speed, HR, power, etc) from your indoor and outdoor fitness activities from a number of popular devices such as Fitbits, Garmin devices, android devices and iphones, or you can upload them manually. The Strava app is free, and if you are already a Fitbit or Garmin connect member you can link your accounts so they sync to both.

How does Emax work?
Like other STRAVA clubs, Emax allows Social Networking through our fitness activities. We will have weekly leaderboards for activities, and will schedule runs/swims for events like ACOP8 in Fort Lauderdale. You may discover that a fellow pharmacometricians is an avid cyclist, triathlete, or hiker. Be prepared for lengthy discussions about the the best visual predictive checks of models describing HR vs power output, etc!


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